Planning Ahead

We all plan ahead for the important events of life, from attending college to securing our retirement. For those seeking to explore end-of-life planning, making pre-arrangements can be as simple or as detailed as you wish. You may make specific directions regarding service planning, disposition, casket, flowers, etc. or simply record the information that will be needed for legal forms and other paperwork. Additionally, you provide a means for sharing your preferences with your family and if desired, making decisions together. This relieves your family of the burden of decision making, allowing them to focus on the memories of your life rather than the details of your death. Although not required, many people choose to set aside funds that will cover their future funeral and final expenses. We offer trust programs that allow you to control costs and avoid emotional overspending. Advance planning permits you to make wise personal choices, in writing, knowing that your instructions will be carried out.

Facts about Funeral Trusting


  • When pre-funding a funeral, Wisconsin law requires that 100% of your money be deposited in a special trust fund. No fees or commissions are permitted.
  • All accounts are fully insured to the extent permitted by law and the FDIC.


  • You can make pre-need funeral arrangements in our funeral home or in the comfort, privacy and security of your own home.
  • A trust plan need not be fully funded when opened and can be started with any amount of money.


  • In the event you move from our area or choose to use another funeral home, your trust plan is completely transferable.


  • You may modify your pre-need funeral plan at any time, without any charge or penalty from the funeral home.

What if you are applying for SSI/Medical Assistance?

  • If you or someone in your family will be applying for assistance under one of these programs, a knowledgeable funeral director will be able to guide you through the special requirements of this situation. Federal and state laws provide that properly trusted funds, intended for the payment of funeral expenses, will not be considered as an asset when eligibility for benefits is determined. In these cases, properly setting aside monies for final expenses is extremely important. Note: Wisconsin and Michigan law mandates that all recipients of entitlement programs, when pre-funding funerals, use an Irrevocable Funeral Trust.