Doris Boren Obituary

Doris L. Boren
Doris L. Boren

March 22, 1925 - March 29, 2016
Resided in Marinette, WI


"It was a dark and stormy night" … on March 22, 1925, when Doris Louise Helgeson made her appearance at St. Ann's Hospital, Chicago, Illinois, born to Dr. Harold and Louise (Richter) Helgeson. All of the above no longer exist, including the hospital. Her older brother, James, died in 1988.
Doris slept away in her "marshmallow" bed at home on Tuesday, March 29, 2016. These past few years her frequent quotation was, "I'm not tired of living, however, living sure tires me". The tires obviously won the game. And speaking of games; bridge, cribbage and Rummikube with family and friends filled many enjoyable hours. Four p.m. each day possible, was reserved for intense cribbage between Jim and Doris.
In 1933 the Helgeson family moved to Menominee/Marinette, Harold's hometown where he continued his dental practice. Doris graduated from Marinette High School in 1942, attended UW-Madison one year, worked for the war effort in the South City (San Francisco) Shipyard and was a card carrying member of the Ship Riggers' Union!, then became a registered nurse, graduating from Wesley Memorial Hospital, Chicago, Ill. in 1947. She later taught nursing arts at the Kahler School of Nursing at Rochester, Minnesota to keep their budget solvent while Jim was in his surgical fellowship at the Mayo Clinic.
A new beginning of life commenced on a snowy day on January 12, 1952, when Doris and Dr. James Boren were united in marriage at the First Presbyterian Church in Menominee, Michigan. Jim and Doris were high school classmates who both returned home in the fall of 1951, he from medical service on the hospital ship, Haven, in the Korean War, she as head nurse of the infirmary of Colorado College, Colorado. They claimed to have "saved each other" from bachelorhood and spinsterhood. After 64 years the wedding book has disintegrated but the union survived beautifully.
Our children, Richard Boren, Stuart (Laurie) Boren, Ann Boren, Jane (John) Connell; ten grandchildren; and three step-grandchildren, continue to be a delight to us. After 31 years at 2910 White Street, including not only riding herd on four children, YMCA Board, local and city PTA president, Deacon at Pioneer Presbyterian Church, including too many hot dishes and desserts to mention, Chapter BK PEO Sisterhood, telephone answering service for Jim (no cell phones), flower and vegetable gardener (canned 52 quarts of tomatoes each summer), tree and shrub trimmer; these were challenging and rewarding years.
Throughout her lifetime, Doris truly enjoyed creative writing which included poetry, comic Christmas letters, satirical letters to the editor and above all, letters, letters and letters. You may find this final discourse perhaps to be interesting or possibly boring statistics in a long, energetic life. Her progeny are spokespersons as to her love, kindness and hopefully "smarts", which were passed on to her by her mother, Louise.
Goodbye to all, to my wonderful children, amazing grandchildren and to Jim, my best friend and love.
A private memorial service for family will be held.


I danced with my friends.
I danced with my lover.
I danced with my cat
or alone, to discover,
The request of my Savior,
the best ever, you see,
When He whispered so softly,
"Save the last dance for Me."

- Doris Boren 2006